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It came pre- installed with Vista 32bit when I got it 2 or 3 years ago, and I upgraded to 7 a few weeks ago without many problems. Yes, I tried to post earlier but the website went down. I got the new replacement hard drive in the mail and it worked. No errors on the Dell pre boot testing and no errors on the Western Digital. Dell may still allow you to download a recovery version onto a different computer, and to make a recovery system to put on a brand new hard drive. My laptop is unable to boot a blue screen comes in the background with dell hard drive error codeeven after trying to repair my operating system ( Vista. Fortunately the warranty has 126 days left I thought it was done but checked and am wrong ^ ^ Time to start begging Dell for a new hard disk it seems xD I have a live CD but it doesn' t work for some reason. If you get a blue screen even when trying to go into windows then the operating system is corrupted and you' ll need to do a factory restore on the laptop, meaning the hard drive would have to be wiped out and the operating system put back onto the hard drive. Attach it to a different port with a different cable ( unless it is a laptop). Does that SSD have a Marvell controller. If yes, you should attach it to a Marvell port. Morning Jazz & Bossa Nova For Work & Study - Lounge Jazz Radio - Live Stream 24/ 7 Lounge Music 632 watching Live now. Also check the boot menu to see if your hard drive is set as one of the bootable drives, it does not have to be the first option, but make sure if you have the DVD or CDROM as the first bootable. Hi and thanks for accepting my answer, No, you need to replace the drive ASAP before it fails completely. Backup all your data files to an external hard drive or thumb drive now.

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    Drive error code

    Hi, That would appear that there is a problem with the hard drive. As the pc is still under warranty then contact Dell tech support as see if they can help. Well there is the easy solution and the easier solution, but both involve you spending money on a new hard drive if you want to fix this computer. Easy Solution: ( 1) Go back into the BIOS and change the SATA Mode under drive options to ATA from AHCI and save settings. Sapna is a technical blogger and has been writing since 3 years. She is into technology and writes tech- based stuff. Her aims to provide knowledge to simple users by sharing tips and tricks about new technologies, DIY and Data Recovery Services. Testimonials " I have RegInOut installed in my computer and i am very impressed" David wood " It worked Thank you very much. " Mary Lowry " Reginout is such a great program. dst errors on my hard drive i have optiplex 330 how do i remove dst logging errors i tried every thing can i use my startup disk and redownload windows will that romove errors. read more The A+ PCTech.

    When you run PSA with no drives present, it gives a different code saying No Hard Drive Found or something, but after connecting the drive, you still see. But- - even after clearing the CMOS memory, I am still getting thecode when I run PSA assessment. Loose SATA connection cables; Failed short DST; A short DST is a brief disk self- test in which your hard disk evaluates its own performance. If your drive is broken or damaged, it will not pass the DST. If it is so change it back to SATA drive and format and install the system on Hard disk again. If above method doesn' t solve the problem, then your Hard Drive needs a replacement. About The Author bhupesh7. Bhupesh Nimje is pursuing engineering from G. Engineering College in Electronics and Communication. He loves to write articles in his free time. The error code 0146 in hard drive usually indicates that it is failing or failed. In this article, we provide some manual methods to repair this error.

    It is hard drive issue. if warranty is valid, send it to dealer where you bought to get replacement. Or if you will repair it yourself. You can remove the hard drive, then reinsert it properly. It' s a laptop, wireless. I have a Dell Inspiron 1150. Is there anything else that I can check? I called Dell support and my warranty was expired, I told them what was wrong and they were going to charge me for a service call. plus a new hard drive if they couldn' t fix it by phone, etc, etc. I ran the psa diagnostic no my dell insprion 530s and I got the error code: It there anything I can do to fix it. I can get a windows 7 upgrade disk. griffmundo 0 points 1 point 2 points 4 years ago Hi, 0142 as hufferz said this is a faulty HDD to f under warranty if you tell them that code they should accept it straight away some techs may ask you to make sure a known good HDD in the system boots to the OS fine. How to fix a broken hard drive Beeping noise or clicking RECOVER GET DATA BACK FOR FREE! BEST TRICK - Duration: 7: 45. Computer Services 2, 988, 640 views.

    If Dell wants to send you a new hard drive, firmly request that they send one with the Operating System pre- installed on the hard drive. It may take some arguing, but insist on it. I think the hard drive is good. I am not sure what to look at next. I tried the hard drive from the good working Inspiron and it too did not load Windows 7 in the faulty laptop. Hi to all I am using dell inspiron 1520 and now it is becoming problematic. After PSA diagnostic I have got error code 0146. The screenshot of the error is as follows. Note that you can buy a 1 TB hard drive for around $ 60 these days, so they' re not that expensive. Be sure you have either a complete system image backup or all the discs and drivers you need to. Hi - Sorry for delay. hope to receive further help on this one. I used another hard drive. Did a clean install of Windows 7 successfully.

    The first thing I did after reaching the desktop was install A06 Bios update ( to replace A01) from the DELL website. Thank you for that advice. I have backed up most of my files. It boots up fines sometimes, and other times the bios can' t detect it, and during the last diagnostic test some blocks couldn' t be read. Waiting until a drive is physically failing is not hopeful for getting your data back. None of the companies that. recover data from damaged drives do so for free and there are no guarantees on what data can or cannot be recovered. Bios was not detecting the hard drive and so the windows installation window. After a few days i checked bios and the hdd was there! I somehow managed to install windows, it was also booting but the boot was extremely slow. When our computers are working properly, they' re entirely a boon to our productivity, but when they fail, they tend to make us feel dumber than a box of rocks. Kalra Pg for Him & Her, East of Kailash, Delhi - Paying Guest Accommodation for Men - Justdial. MSG: Hard Drive 1 – Self Test Unsuccessful Status 79 or Msg: Hard Drive 0 – S/ N WX51E43XWS20, short self test unsuccessful The given code and message can be used by Dell Technical Support to help diagnose the problem. If your hard disk shows almost no signs of life after you have gone through the difficult set of solutions above, it’ s time to admit defeat and buy a new hard drive where you can continue with a fresh installation of Windows.